Your Contributions At Work

Our club is working to see the bulk of our donations go to programs and groups that aid, assist and further the youth of our local community as well as the international community.

Programs we have supported during the past four months include Happy Trails Riding Academy,  Hospice – Grief Program for Youth,  Relay for Life, Afghan Children’s School Project, Boy Scouts,  YMCA,  and Tulare County Symphony League – for Youth Scholarships,  to name a few.  In addition, we strongly encourage excellence in education by providing scholarships annually at each of the five high public high schools for college and vocational education.  And this year, we have added a Student of the Quarter award – which rewards two outstanding students.

This year I am most proud of our club for embracing a larger scale local project:

The BACKPACK program.   Teaming with the other four Visalia clubs, we obtained a $5,000 DSG grant, and partnered with local churches and First Five of Tulare County to assist Food Link of Tulare County in the battle against hunger.   Sandy Beals, Executive Director of Food Link, and member of Visalia County Center Rotary, agreed that children need their minds nourished as well as their bodies.   Consequently, we committed to providing food to go home each Friday as well as books.  More than 600 children are now benefiting on a weekly basis from this program.

As we move forward through remaining of the year, we continue to focus on serving our community, while we take care of our membership with laughter, compassion and tremendous respect.  Our long-range planning committee remains committed to continuing the work already begun on setting priorities, further developing our Retention Plan and our Vision Statement.

Thank You Letters

Read the thank you letters below from organizations we have supported.

The Dictionary Project

Happy Trails Riding Academy

Tulare County Symphony